Persian Kittens in Florida: Tampa, Wesley Chapel 

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>available kittens:( on 2/17/19 only blue point almost white female available and black/white male)

 blue, blue/cream, silver, brown, white with  copper eyes , white with blue eyes, red, silver pointed blue eyes, blue pointed blue eyes, seal pointed, dark brown, bicolor black /white, black, bicolor brown/white, calico blue, cream, white

>available retired adults age 1-4 y. old. they might  be fixed before rehoming

>shipment and delivery available( extra cost) THIS OPTION ON HOLD AT THESE TIMES, PICK UP ONLY

> breeding rights ( extra cost)

Availability changes, more or less , Please , contact or Check the home page first, please, for available kittens   

cream Persian female $799

Silver female 14 w $799

calico and black white (black/white sold) females

Black white Persian male kitten $799

Black/white Persian female kitte 



white Persian male  kitten  16  w $799

Male/female look alike


Male Persian kitten 8/15/21


Brown /white female Persian kitten



cream Persian male pictured at 10 w, now this kitten is $499 on sale older kitten discount applied

Persian white male 12 w $799

Blue point male Persian kitten $499 sale 

cream Persian male kitten 


White male blue eyes $1200


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